HC Deb 23 March 1922 vol 152 cc664-6

asked the President of the Board of Trade, in view of the necessity for developing every opportunity of Foreign trade, and in view of the commemoration of the centenary of Brazil's independence in September, 1922, by the holding of an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, whether the Department of Overseas Trade contemplates any steps to bring the advantages of such an exhibition before British traders; whether the Department contemplates exhibiting articles of British produce and manufacture at the public expense in order to foster trade relations between this country and Brazil; and, if not, whether he will consider the desirability of having some national exhibit of this kind at the exhibition in view of the ever-increasing competition with which British goods are meeting in Brazilian markets?

Sir P. LLOYD-GREAME (Secretary, Overseas Trade Department)

The advantages of participation in the Brazilian Centenary Exhibition have been brought to the notice of British traders by correspondence, and, so far as possible, by personal interviews, with a view to obtaining a thoroughly representative British section. The greater part of the funds available, consisting of the grant from public funds and of the sum raised by the Anglo-Brazilian Committee, will be absorbed in connection with the erection of the British pavilion, and the provision and display of models and other pictorial exhibits illustrating the extent and resources of the British Empire, and the part which British industry, shipping and finance have played in the development of Brazil. For other British exhibits, the usual practice will be followed of making a charge for space occupied to cover the cost of the accommodation required.


In the event of British manufacturers wishing assistance, will it be available from my hon. Friend's Department?

United Kingdom, Germany.
1913. 1921. 1913. 1921.
Tons. Tons. Tons. Tons.
Coal produced 287,430,473 164,452,500 187,054,000 134,021,000
Lignite produced 85,831,000 121,034,000
Imports of
Coal 7,226 3,433,568 10,371,000 689,000
Lignite 6,874,000 2,786,000
Coke 15,579 49,110 583,000
Briquettes 1,224 24,367 145,000
Exports* of
Coal 73,400,299 24,555,395 34,018,000 17,962,000
Lignite 59,000 37,000
Coke 1,236,642 736,213 6,308,000 5,230,000
Briquettes 2,053,197 850,074 3,113,000 744,000
*Including re-exports in the case of the United Kingdom.

Most certainly. The whole exhibition will be run in consultation with the Anglo-Brazilian Committee, and the Department will be at the service of the exhibitors in preparation for the exhibition and during its progress.