HC Deb 22 March 1922 vol 152 c437

asked the Civil Lord of the Admiralty what number of houses has been erected at Rosyth and district since the Armistice; whether any land has been feued during the past few months for building purposes; whether such land is to be utilised; and what was the cost and area of land recently acquired?

Mr. PRATT (Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health, Scotland)

I have been asked to reply to this question. The number of houses erected at Rosyth and district since the Armistice is 212, inclusive of 152 houses completed under contracts then running. Since 1920, negotiations have been in progress for the acquisition of 100 additional acres of land for houses. The transaction was virtually completed last year although the exact terms of feu have not been finally adjusted. Consequent upon the reduction of staff at Rosyth, the question of building further houses is being reconsidered, and meantime it is not possible to say to what use the land will be put.


Can the hon. Gentleman say whether this land amounting to 100 acres has been definitely leased or feued by the Government?


Yee, sir.

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