HC Deb 21 March 1922 vol 152 c220

asked the Home Secretary whether, after the expression of opinion by the Committee on National Expenditure that, in view of the results of State management, formerly the Liquor Control Board, so far obtained, and of the risk of loss in future years, its continuance as a State undertaking would not appear likely to afford any special financial advantage to the taxpayer, he proposes to take any and what steps for terminating the system of State management; and whether, in pursuance of the statement of the Committee that in the present financial circumstances no further expenditure for compensation and adaptation in connection with premises already acquired or for acquisition of further premises should be incurred, he has given any instructions to the Advisory Committee to suspend operations in these respects?


It is not proposed to take any steps for terminating the system of State management. I do not understand that the Committee on National Expenditure recommended no further expenditure on adaptation of premises already acquired, but in accordance with their recommendation there will be no further expenditure on the acquisition of further premises.