HC Deb 16 March 1922 vol 151 c2372

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty why it was considered desirable to adopt the recommendations of the Halsey Committee with regard to the promotion of paymaster commanders to paymaster captain, and not to adhere to the Admiralty's decisions on the Chapple Committee for the promotion of commissioned writers to lieutenant up to the number of 10, and warrant writers to commissioned writers up to the number of 20, observing that three vacancies for paymaster lieutenant have existed over a period of nine months, and that the six paymaster commanders promoted to the rank of paymaster captain were so promoted after it was known that drastic reductions would have to be effected in the personnel of the Navy?


The reasons for the action taken in the case of the promotion of paymaster commanders to paymaster captains were fully explained in my reply to the hon. Member on the 6th March. The increase, however, in the number of warrant writers and above, approved as a result of the recommendations of the Chapple Committee, was explicitly stated to be a provisional increase of establishment for the period of the War. This establishment would not have been justifiable under post-War conditions, and will be still less justifiable when the further reductions contemplated in naval personnel are made.