HC Deb 15 March 1922 vol 151 cc2163-4
16. Mr. AMMON

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the number of naval and marine officers, including retired officers, in all Departments of the Admiralty in April, 1914, who received £2,000 per annum or over, inclusive of allowances; the number to-day and how many of them receive over £3,000 per annum; the corresponding figures in the case of civil servants, including technical and professional appointments, such as the Director of Naval Construction and the Civil Engineer-in-Chief, and reckoning cost-of-living bonus in all cases; the amount by which the remuneration of the First Sea Lord exceeded that of the Secretary to the Admiralty in 1914; and the corresponding amount to-day?


As the reply is somewhat long, I propose, with the hon. Member's permission, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the reply:

April,1914. At present.
Number of naval and marine officers (including retired officers) in receipt of £2,000 or over, inclusive of allowances (not exceeding £3,000) 3 17
Ditto over £3,000 1 3
4 20

April, 1914. At present.
Number of civil servants in receipt of £2,000 or over (not exceeding £3,000) 2 4
Ditto over £3,000 Nil Nil
2 4

In April, 1914, the First Sea Lord received: salary, £1,500 and a furnished residence, and the Secretary received a salary (including house allowance) of £2,000. At present the First Sea Lord receives: salary, £3,000 and a furnished residence, and the Secretary receives a salary of £3,000. Naval members of the Board also receive the half pay of their rank to which they are entitled, whether they are serving or not.