HC Deb 22 February 1922 vol 150 c1884
34. Captain BAGLEY

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will give the latest figures for persons drawing unemployment benefit, showing, respectively, the numbers of unemployed persons drawing benefit for dependent wives (or husbands) and children, the total number of children involved, and the total number of persons drawing benefit of any kind?


At 31st January, the number of persons in the United Kingdom drawing unemployment benefit was approximately 2,087,000, of whom 1,800,000 were wholly unemployed, and 287,000 were on short-time. Of this total of 2,087,000, about 689,900 were also drawing grants in respect of dependants, covering about 619,000 wives and housekeepers (or invalided husbands), and about 1,023,000 children.


asked the Minister of Labour whether his Department has prepared, or can prepare, an estimate as to the number of unemployed men, women, and boys there are in the United Kingdom, and who are not registered as unemployed; and, if so, what number they amount to?


There is no means of making a reliable estimate of the numbers unemployed who are not registered at the Employment Exchanges. In view of the fact, however, that the great majority of workpeople are in insured trades and are therefore registered for unemployment benefit, I have no reason to suppose that this number is at all large relatively to the number so registered.