HC Deb 22 February 1922 vol 150 cc2065-6

Ordered, "That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire into the conditions under which performing animals are trained and exhibited, and to consider whether legislation is desirable to prohibit or regulate such training and exhibition; and, if so, what lines such legislation should follow.

Committee nominated of Captain Bowyer, Sir John Butcher, Brigadier-General Colvin, Sir Walter de Frece, Lieut.-Colonel Sir Raymond Greene, Mr. Jesson, Lieut.-Commander Kenworthy, Captain O'Grady, Mr. Raper, Mr. Frederick Roberts, Mr. Seddon,, Mr. Stanton, Mr. Swan, Mr. Trevelyan Thomson, and Lieut.-Colonel Willoughby."

Ordered, "That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records."

Ordered, "That Five be the quorum."—[Colonel Gibbs.]

The remaining Orders were read, and postponed.

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