HC Deb 22 February 1922 vol 150 cc1870-1
11. Lieut.- Commander KENWORTHY

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty when the Admiralty yacht "Enchantress" was last used by their Lordships, and for what purpose and for what length of time; when it is anticipated that she will again be used by their Lordships; and what is the annual cost of the upkeep of this vessel, including allowance for depreciation?


H.M.S. "Enchantress" was last used by, the Admiralty on 3rd October, 1921—the final date of a cruise beginning on 14th September for a visit of inspection to the northern bases, and to the Atlantic Fleet at sea for the purpose of witnessing the fleet firing practice, and other exercises. For reasons of economy the Admiralty do not propose to commission the ship during the coming financial year, and intend to lay her up at Portsmouth, so that no expenditure on unkeep will be incurred in connection with her during 1922–23. The estimated depreciation was computed in 1913 at £6,500 a year, but with a ship of this type, the depreciated value on the original cost depends upon the condition in which she is kept up.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

While thanking the hon. and gallant Gentleman for his very satisfactory answer, may I ask if the ship has yet been laid up, whether she has a crew on board, and when this economy will be actually carried out?


The matter was left over for decision until the return of the First Lord. I understand the vessel will be laid up as soon as possible.

Captain Viscount CURZON

Would it not be more economical to scrap the ship altogether, or is she required for naval purposes?


She is of considerable intrinsic value, and might be disposed of otherwise. The most economical thing would be to keep her for the time being, and lay her up, and to consider the whole business at a later date.

Commander BELLAIRS

In view of the recommendation of the Geddes Committee, should not this luxury yacht be sold?


The present intention is to lay her up, which will cost practically nothing, and see at a later date what it is advisable to do with her.

Viscount CURZON

Is it not the definite policy of the Admiralty to dispose of this ship at the earliest possible moment?


I cannot add anything to my answer.