HC Deb 22 February 1922 vol 150 c1890

asked the Minister of Labour the date on which the grocery Trade Board was constituted; the date on which it first fixed minimum rates and forwarded these to the Minister of Labour for confirmation; the date of the decision of the Minister to refuse to confirm these rates; the dates on which the Board subsequently forwarded reduced rates to the Minister for confirmation; and the date, in each case, of his decision in reference thereto?


The Trade Board was constituted on 23rd June, 1920, and presented certain rates for confirmation on 4th February and others on 12th March, 1921. These rates were referred back to the Board for further consideration on 22nd April and again after resubmission by the Board on 1st July. Reduced rates were presented for confirmation upon 18th November and were referred back to the Board on 9th February last. I would also refer my hon. Friend to the reply, of which I am sending him a copy, given yesterday on this matter.