HC Deb 20 February 1922 vol 150 cc1673-4

Motion made, and Question proposed, That a Supplementary sum, not exceeding £150,000, be granted to His Majesty, to defray the Charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1922, for the Salaries and Expenses of the Customs and Excise Department.


This Vote is in principle the same as the Vote which we passed last week, and the arguments, in so far as they are addressed to the main line of criticism, would be almost identical, apart from the details of this Vote, with those which we used on the former occasion. It is important that public attention should be further drawn to the criticisms which were addressed on the last occasion. I suggest that the Government might be allowed to get the Committee stage of this Vote to-night, on condition that they put down as first Order the Report stage of the Vote we have already passed, and also the Report stage of this Vote. Then we should have a first Order discussion on the very important point which we raised on the last occasion. It is in the interests of better discussion that that course should be taken.


We could go on discussing this Vote, but I do not want to interfere if any arrangement is made.

Colonel LESLIE WILSON (Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury)

I am willing to accept the proposition of my right hon. Friend (Sir D. Maclean), that is to say, if the Committee give us the Committee stage of this Vote to-night to put down as first Order to-morrow the Report stage of this Vote and the Vote of a similar kind passed last week.


No more Supplementary Estimates will be taken to-night?

Colonel WILSON

That is so.

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