HC Deb 15 February 1922 vol 150 c1003
61. Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

asked the Minister of Health whether he has yet come to a decision as to the policy to be pursued during the next financial year with reference to the supply by local authorities of food and milk to expectant and nursing mothers and young children, which is the subject of Circular 267 issued by his Department in December last?


The Circular in question was in part the outcome of my desire to carry on the policy adopted by my predecessor of reducing the expenditure on the supply of milk to expectant and nursing mothers and young children which he found to be excessive. The Circular also embodied medical advice as to the value of supplying meals instead of milk, which I received from my medical advisers and from outside persons of great authority. I have now received replies from most of the local authorities, which are generally to the effect that they prefer to continue the supply of milk, in view of the difficulty of arranging for the general supply of meals. I, therefore, propose to continue during the next financial year the arrangements at present in force for the supply of milk under proper safeguards against abuse, allowing local authorities to substitute meals for milk where they desire and are able to do so.

Old Rates. (Law of 24th March, 1921.) New Rates. (Law of 21st December, 1921.)
Marks. Tax per cent. Marks. Tax per cent.
First 24,000 10 First 50,000 10
Next 6,000 20 Next 10,000 15
Next 5,000 25 Next 20,000 20
Next 5,000 30 Next 20,000 25
Next 5,000 35 Next 100,000 30
Next 5,000 40 Next 100,000 35
Next 70,000 45 Next 200,000 40
Next 80,000 50 Next " 500,000 45
Next 200,000 55 Next 500,000 50
Excess 400,000 60 Next 500,000 55
over Excess over 2,000,000 60