HC Deb 10 November 1921 vol 148 cc584-5
21. Mr. RAPER

asked the Secretary of State for Air if he is aware that at the beginning of last month France had six international air routes in operation; that next year France proposes to create air connections between France and her colonial possessions, communication between Corsica and Tunis being carried out by a seaplane service, and from Marseilles or Toulon to Algiers by airship, as well as aeroplane connections between Oran and Morocco, and between Toulouse and Morocco viâ Spain; and that British aerial transport to-day, from leading the world in 1919, has dropped behind both France and Germany; and whether he will now make a statement as to what is the definite policy of His Majesty's Government towards aviation, both military and civil?

The SECRETARY of STATE for AIR (Captain Guest)

I am aware of the activities of French aviation, as stated by my hon. and gallant Friend, and it is obvious that the French Government fully realises the importance of aeronautics, both service and civil. But I do not think it is possible, in the form of question and answer, usefully to compare the French, or German, and British positions in this matter. A full statement of the Government's policy in regard to civil aviation has recently been made, and I cannot, at present, add anything to what was then said. If my hon. and gallant Friend wants something further and more comprehensive, I must ask him to wait until the Air Estimates are introduced next Session.


May I ask my right hon. Friend, who, as we all know, has the interests of aviation greatly at heart, whether he will agree to discuss with me the possibility of organising an Imperial Air Service?


May it not prove very difficult to regain our ascendancy in the air if the rumour that the Air Ministry is to be done away with prove correct?

Captain W. BENN

Have any recommendations been made by the Geddes Committee relating to the Air Ministry, and, if so, what are they?


That does not arise out of the question on the Paper.


May I have a reply to my question?

Captain GUEST

That arises out of the next question on the Paper.

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