HC Deb 30 May 1921 vol 142 c565

asked the Minister of Transport whether all railway companies are compelled to issue third-class season tickets or if the issue of such tickets is at the discretion of the railway companies; is he aware that certain companies refuse to issue such tickets between certain stations; and will he take steps, in view of the present high cost of railway fares, to urge all railway companies to issue third-class season tickets from and to all stations on their systems?


The railway companies are under no legal obligation to issue season tickets. I am aware that some companies do not issue third-class season tickets between all their stations. Certain companies have already been asked to consider the extension of the issue of such tickets, but as such a course would, in their opinion, result in a loss of net revenue, I fear that it is not practicable to press the matter in present circumstances. Further information on this subject is contained in the answer given to the hon. Member for Ilford on the 19th April last, of which I am sending my hon. Friend a copy.