HC Deb 30 May 1921 vol 142 cc590-1

asked the hon. Member for the Pollok Division of Glasgow as representing the First Commissioner of Works, in view of the fact that the prohibition of the use of white lead in painting is one of the items on the Agenda of the Third International Labour Conference to be held at Geneva in October, whether any special practice prevails in His Majesty's Office of Works with regard to the use of white lead compounds in painting: if so, what that practice is; and whether any condition relating to the use of white lead is contained in Government contracts for painting work?

Lieut.-Colonel Sir J. GILMOUR (for the First Commissioner of Works)

The practice of the Office of Works for the last 14 years has been to use paints with a non-poisonous zinc base, instead of a white lead base, and all contracts involving painting stipulate that no paint must contain more than 5 per cent. of soluble lead.