HC Deb 03 March 1921 vol 138 cc2017-9

May I ask the Leader of the House what business he proposes to take next week?


On Monday-Supplementary Estimates, beginning with Irish Supplementaries, in the following order: Constabulary, Chief Secretary's salary, Prisons, etc.

On Tuesday—Coal Mines Decontrol Bill, Second Reading, and further Supplementary Estimates.

On Wednesday—Civil Service Vote on Account.

On Thursday—Civil Service Vote on Account, Report, and Supplementary Estimates if time permits.

On Friday—Supplementary Estimates.

To-morrow, I shall move to suspend the Eleven o'clock Rule till the end of the financial year, not with a view to late sittings; in fact, I hope it may never be necessary to sit beyond midnight, if so late.

I think it right to add that it may be necessary to ask the House to sit on Saturday next week.


May I ask whether, in regard to the suspension of the Eleven o'clock Rule, the right hon. Gentleman has any ground of complaint in regard to the Opposition, or any other Members of this House, as to undue discussion of the financial proposals before the House, and if this proposal comes on to-morrow and is carried, will he undertake not to proceed to-morrow beyond five o'clock, as a very large number of Members have made arrangements for the week-end, and I can assure him, as we have done in the past, that there will be no unnecessary discussion on anything proposed.


The Motion I propose to move to-morrow is simply to assist getting the business done, and I do not make any complaint as to the discussion which has taken place to date. I believe myself that the House will find the suspension of the Eleven o'clock Rule will enable them, by sitting an hour longer occasionally, to save half a day's discussion. With regard to to-morrow, I think it is only right that notice should be given of such a change, and I do not propose that it should take effect to-morrow.


Does the right hon. Gentleman propose to take all the stages of the Coal Mines Decontrol Bill on Tuesday, or only the Second Reading?


That is all I expect next week.


Will the right hon. Gentleman consider the desirability of meeting at 12 mid-day, instead of suspending the Eleven o'clock Rule.


That question has often been raised, but I think it has always been disapproved by the House. In addition, I do not see how it is possible for Members who are on Committees, or those who have definite work to do in the morning, to attend the House at 12 noon.

Ordered,—That the Proceedings on Consideration of the Lords Amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act (]920) Amendment Bill and on the Consolidated Fund (No. 1) Bill have precedence this day of the Business of Supply.—[Mr. Bonar Law.]