HC Deb 02 March 1921 vol 138 c1809

asked the Minister of Health whether he is still receiving any protests from panel doctors as to the work entailed by filling up the new forms of cards; and, seeing that the time so employed diminishes the amount of attention which can be given to individual patients, will he inquire into the whole matter to see how the system is working?


I would refer the hon. Member to the answers to the questions which I gave yesterday on the subject of the medical record cards to the hon. and gallant Member for the Isle of Wight. I cannot accept the view that the keeping of records must detract from the time available for giving adequate medical treatment. In the majority of insurance practices the practitioner is responsible for less than one-fourth of the number of insured patients for which, in the view of the doctors' own representatives, an ordinary practitioner can safely assume responsibility. I may say that the number of objections to the record cards from medical men and others concerned in working the system is insignificant. I may say that out of some 150. Panel Committees representing some 12,000 medical men on the panel, I have only received protests from nine, and those mostly on points of detail, although every effort has been made to stir up discontent in this matter by certain persons.