HC Deb 22 June 1921 vol 143 c1364

asked the Secretary of State for War the terms upon which horses are boarded out by his Department; on what grounds the scheme is justified; and whether, in view of the state of national finances, it is considered necessary to continue it?

Lieut.-Colonel STANLEY

The conditions on which army horses are boarded out are:

  1. (a) Annual payment by borrowers of £7 10s. per horse.
  2. (b) Borrower to have full use of the horse, except for a period in each year when horse is available for annual training of Territorial Army.
  3. (c) Horses are available at 24 hours' notice for use of military authorities on mobilisation.
  4. (d) Free veterinary attendance is provided by the military authorities.
The scheme is an economical method of ensuring that suitable horses are available for the Territorial Army training and that a reserve of horses principally of the light draught or "gunner" type (which is a most difficult class to procure) is immediately available on mobilisation.

Major WOOD

Can we not commandeer all the horses we require when the emergency occurs?

Lieut.-Colonel STANLEY

Of course, we have power to do that; but we must have a reserve of horses as well as a reserve of everything else.

Major WOOD

How is this going to increase the supply of horses?


The hon. Member is arguing.

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