HC Deb 01 June 1921 vol 142 cc1020-1
48. Colonel WEDGWOOD

asked the Prime Minister whether any decision by the tribunal sitting in Belgium on the Polish-Lithuanian dispute is in any way binding on His Majesty's Government; and whether, in view of the action of Polish irregulars in Silesia, as formerly in Vilna, and the improper support obtained for such action elsewhere, he will now recognise the independence of Lithuania de jure as well as de facto?

Mr. CHAMBERLAIN (Leader of the House)

There is no tribunal in Brussels, as suggested. Monsieur Hymans has been delegated by the League of Nations to preside over conferences between Polish and Lithuanian delegates in Brussels, and will submit any solution that may be reached to the Council of the League of Nations for its decision. De jure recognition of Lithuania must be decided upon its merits apart from the question of Upper Silesia.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that Monsieur Hymans, who is presiding over this Conference, is alleged to have given a decision that Lithuania should be subject to Poland?


I do not know whether he has or has not given a decision, but whenever he does he will report to the League of Nations.


Is it not a misapprehension to talk about Monsieur Hymans giving any "decision" at all? Is he not there merely to try and induce these parties to come to an agreement between themselves?


That is what I said. Perhaps in answer to a supplementary question I should not have put the matter as I did, but have said that the result, whatever it may be, will be reported to the League of Nations.


In any case, may we take it that the fact that Lithuania has not been recognised de jure will not be used to prejudice the case of Lithuania before this tribunal and before the League of Nations?

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