HC Deb 01 July 1921 vol 143 c2491

Return ordered, "showing the Fleets of Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, United States of America, and Japan, on the 1st day of February,1921, omitting battleships, battle cruisers, and cruisers over 20 years old from date of launch, and distinguishing, both built and building, battleships, battle cruisers, cruisers, light cruisers, armoured coast defence vessels and monitors, aircraft carriers, flotilla leaders, torpedo-boat destroyers, torpedo boats, submarines, sloops, gunboats and despatch vessels, and river gunboats."

"Return to show date of launch, date of completion, displacement, horse-power, and armaments, reduced to one common scale (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No.113, of Session 1914)."—[Lieut.-Colonel Burgoyne.]