HC Deb 21 February 1921 vol 138 cc525-6
19. Mr. INSKIP

asked the Minister of Transport whether authority has been given to the several authorities responsible for the collection of the motor-vehicle tax to repay the 25 per cent, allowance in respect of pre-1913 engines; and when the claims which have been made for a refund on this account will be met?

57. Lieut.-Colonel W. GUINNESS

asked the Minister of Transport whether he is aware that instructions have been given to the West Suffolk county council that, even where satisfactory evidence is produced at the time of taking out a motor licence that a rebate of 25 per cent, is due in respect of pre-1913 engines, the licensing authorities are compelled to collect and remit the whole duty to the Ministry of Transport who will periodically make refunds; and whether, with a view to avoiding irritation to the public and unnecessary work for officials, he will authorise local authorities to collect and remit only the 75 per cent, duty due in the case of pre-1913 motor cars?

The MINISTER of TRANSPORT (Sir Eric Geddes)

Authority has recently been given to councils to make these refunds direct should they so desire. These arrangements will, I think, meet the general convenience. Some thousands of claims have already been paid directly by the Ministry. All claims received in the Ministry by the 12th instant have now been paid except in cases where questions have arisen as to the correctness of the claim. Any delay which has occurred in issue of licence cards and granting of refunds is due to additional work upon the incidence of this form of taxation, and this will not recur.


Will application have to be made to the Ministry of Transport or a local authority such as the London County Council?


To the London County Council.


Will it be possible to provide for the subtraction of the allowance when the original payment is made?


No, the Act does not permit that.


Will the right hon. Gentleman say whether the 25 per cent. allowance on pre-1913 engines will be paid automatically to all those who have stated on their application for a licence that the engine of their car was manufactured prior to 1913, or whether another special application for this rebate will have to be made to the local authority?


A special application will have to be made in each case.