HC Deb 19 April 1921 vol 140 c1679
3. Colonel WEDGWOOD

asked the Secretary of State for India what is the sum total annually paid out of Indian revenues, excepting for the British Army, for the salaries and upkeep of the Established Church in India; how much of this sum is paid under Section 118 of the Government of India Act, 1915, for the bishops and archdeacons of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay; and how much is outside and beyond this statutory contribution?


It is difficult to give the figures as asked for in the first part of the question, because the chaplains of the Church of England and the Church of Scotland in India minister to both the troops and the civil population alike, and it is impossible to apportion exactly the total cost of salary and upkeep between the two. The most recent figures for the total cost of salaries and upkeep, are for the Church of England, £123,180, and for the Church of Scotland, £14,375, and the greater part of these sums is expenditure in connection with the British Army. Of the sum of £123,180, the sum of £7,625 is paid under the Statute in respect of the bishops and archdeacons mentioned.


May I ask on what grounds the Indian taxpayers are taxed for the benefit of this particular Church?


If my hon. and gallant Friend wishes for a statement on that, I must ask him to give me notice.

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