HC Deb 14 April 1921 vol 140 cc1292-3
43. Mr. HOGGE

asked the Prime Minister whether he can state the estimated increased expenditure in respect of the 300,000 additional men in the Army and the 10,000 additional men in the Air Force for which Supplementary Estimates have been presented?

The FINANCIAL SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Lieut.-Commander Hilton Young)

The figures referred to are maxima. Owing to the existing uncertainty as to the numbers to be actually employed and the duration of their employment, it is impossible at the present moment to give any reliable estimate of the expenditure involved.


In view of the fact that the 310,000 men mentioned in the question, and other 25,000 men in the Navy, are to be engaged for nine weeks at a known daily pay, with separation allowances, why cannot the Treasury let us have some estimate?

Lieut.-Commander YOUNG

It depends on the duration of the employment as well as the number, and also on the nature of the maximum.


What will be the maximum expenditure?

Lieut.-Commander YOUNG

The maximum expenditure will depend upon the number actually taken.


If the maximum number is 310,000 plus 25,000, and the maximum number of weeks is nine, what estimate has the Treasury made with regard to this expenditure?

Colonel C. LOWTHER

Does the hon. Member who put down this question mean that the only safeguard between this country and red ruin—


called upon Lieut.-Colonel Archer-Shee to put the next question (No. 44)—[see col. 1290].