HC Deb 14 April 1921 vol 140 cc1278-9

asked the Prime Minister what is the total tonnage handed over to the Allies and Associated Powers of the Austro-Hungarian commercial fleet; and in what proportions and to what countries it has been distributed?

Sir P. LLOYD-GREAME (Secretary, Overseas Trade Department)

I have been asked to reply. I have no complete information in regard to the total tonnage of the smaller ex-Austro-Hungarian vessels, but I am informed that the total tonnage of ex-Austrian and ex-Hungarian vessels over 2,000 tons gross amounts to about 700,000 tons, and that the whole of this tonnage is under Italian management, with the exception of about 61,000 tons, which is under the temporary management of France. Up to the present the Reparation Commission have only allotted 21 ex-Austrian vessels of 104,449 tons for final ownership, the whole of this amount being allotted to Italy.


Considering the great loss we sustained through the Austro-Hungarian submarines, will not some claim be made on behalf of this country?


The Austrian vessels would not by any means comprise the whole of the vessels which have been given up, and it has been arranged amongst the Allies that the various claims should be met in the most convenient way. The Italians get the Austro-Hungarian vessels, and, of course, that reduces proportionately any claim they would have upon German vessels.