HC Deb 13 April 1921 vol 140 cc1116-7
Mr. CLYNES (by Private Notice)

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he can now state the result of his inquiry into the action of the officer commanding troops in Kensington Gardens in burning the " Star " newspaper and expelling the vendor from the camp because the paper contained the advertisement of the Triple Alliance, and what action he has taken or proposes to take to prevent a repetition of such indiscretion during this critical period?

Captain WEDGWOOD BENN (by Private Notice)

asked the Secretary of State for War what is the result of the inquiries made into the incident at Kensington Gardens; whether the newspaper vendor has had his pass returned to him, and has been compensated for the loss of his stock; under what Regulation the commandant acted; and whether there is any censorship of newspapers admitted for sale to the Camps?


Will the right hon. Baronet also include a reference if it be found that the "Daily Mail" was burnt at the same time?


After Questions yesterday, I made inquiries, and found that the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief the Metropolitan Area, Lord Cavan, had already dealt with the matter. The officer concerned had been removed from his command in London pending a full report. Until I have received the report I cannot answer all the supplementary questions, but I have no doubt the newspaper vendor will have his pass returned. There is no censorship of newspapers admitted for sale in the camps.