HC Deb 25 October 1920 vol 133 cc1318-9

asked whether the British and Turkish Governments have exchanged ratifications of the Treaty of Peace with Turkey; whether a de facto Turkish Government, which does not recognise the authority or orders of the Sultan's Government in Constantinople, remains in Asia Minor, and over what area does this Government's authority extend; whether this Government in Asia Minor is refusing to carry out the terms of the Peace Treaty; if so, what steps are being taken to enforce the Treaty; and whether this Government in Asia Minor is in alliance with the Government at Moscow and acts under the orders of Moscow?


Neither Government has yet ratified the Treaty, but a Bill for that purpose has been drafted and will be introduced in this House at a very early date. The so-called Nationalist Government of Angora claims authority over North, Central and Eastern Anatolia, but such authority as it possesses is maintained by force and is to a large extent resisted by the inhabitants. The Angora Government does not recognise the Peace Treaty, but as ratification has not yet taken place, no enforcement of its terms upon the Nationalists has hitherto been called for. It is certain that the Nationalists are in communication with the Soviet Government, and an alliance between the two is said to have been concluded.

Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY

Is there any inducement to patriotic Turks to attempt to carry out such a Peace Treaty as is being imposed on Turkey? Is not our peace simply asking for an alliance between Moscow and the Angora Government?


No. I think that the terms of the Treaty are exceedingly fair and certainly better than Turkey had a right to expect after the way she treated Britain and the other Allies.