HC Deb 25 October 1920 vol 133 cc1317-8
28. Lieut.-Colonel POWNALL

asked the Prime Minister if he will state at what intervals the variable scales of pay of civil servants are revised in accordance with the cost of living index figures; when the last revision took place; what are the present additions to the pre-War scale; and whether the percentage increases apply to all civil servants or only to those with salaries under a certain figure?

The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER (Mr. Chamberlain)

With the permission of the hon. and gallant Member, the answer will be published in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following is the promised answer:

The present bonus scheme for the Civil Service, which came into force last March, provides for revisions at intervals of four months during the first year of the operation of the scheme and thereafter for revision at intervals of six months. The last revision took effect as from 1st July, 1920, and involved an addition of one twenty-sixth to the amount of the bonus which had been payable in the period from 1st March to 30th June, 1920. The scheme is briefly as follows: As from 1st March, 1920, at which date the index figure for cost of living was 130, remuneration not exceeding 35s. a week on a pre-War basis was increased by way of bonus to the extent of 130 per cent. In the case of salaries exceeding 35s. a week and not exceeding £200 a year on a pre-War basis, 130 per cent. was payable on the first 35s. a week of salary and 60 per cent. on the remainder. In the case of salaries over £200 on a pre-War basis, 130 per cent. was payable on the first 35s., 60 per cent. on that part of salary between 35s. a week and £200 a year, and 45 per cent. on the remainder. For each five points rise or fall in the cost of living on the average of the four or six months included in the period prior to revision, the bonus so assessed is subject to increase or decrease at the rate of one twenty-sixth. The maximum bonus payable under this scheme is £750 a year. With the exception of a few principal officers who continue to receive bonus at the rate of £500 a year, the scheme now in force applies to the whole of the permanent Civil Service.