HC Deb 25 October 1920 vol 133 cc1345-9

4.0 P.M.


Might I ask the Leader of the House whether, in view of the resumption of negotiations in connection with the coal strike and the advisability of taking no action calculated to impede any movement towards a settlement, the Government will refrain from proceeding with the Emergency Powers Bill until the result of these negotiations is known, and withdraw the Bill altogether in the event of a settlement being reached?

Mr. BONAR LAW (Leader of the House)

The Government have considered the question, and we believe that it is necessary to proceed with this Bill. The reasons which have induced us to come to that conclusion will be stated by me in the few remarks with which I will introduce the Bill.


Will the Government not reconsider the question in the light of the Prime Minister's statement on Thursday, when, speaking in this House, he intimated that he hoped no precipitate action would be takn by anyone? In view of the fact that the strike has lasted a week, that a million men are directly affected and probably another million indirectly affected, that practically no disturbances of any kind have occurred, which is a tribute to the common sense of our people, and that the Government could get the Bill in any day, would it not be taken by those outside as a generous act on the part of the Government if they were to withdraw it now?


I do not agree with my right hon. Friend in thinking that our proceeding with this Bill is in any sense provocative. It is impossible to give the reasons for that view in answer to a question, but, as I have said, I shall endeavour to do so in introducing the Bill.


Does the right hon. Gentleman not see that it is not so much the effect upon this House as the effect upon those outside? While the House generally may understand and appreciate the situation, it would be mistaken outside.


I can assure my right hon. Friend that all these considerations have been in our minds. We do not think that the view he has expressed is the view which will be found to be held.


In view of the very great importance of the measure about which questions have already been asked, will the right hon. Gentleman limit the proceedings of this House to-day to the Second Reading?


I had hoped to get the whole of the proceedings to-day, but I am not at all anxious to make a point of that, and, if I find that there is a general feeling in the House that it would be better to take the Second Reading today and the subsequent stages to-morrow, I shall be quite ready to adopt that course.


Might I ask whether it is proposed to proceed with the Emergency Powers Bill in the event of the Irish Debate going on till 11 o'clock?


Yes, we shall endeavour to secure the Second Reading to-day.

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings on the Emergency Powers Bill be exempted at this day's Sitting from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House).

The House divided: Ayes, 241; Noes, 54.

Taylor, J. Warren, Lieut.-Col. Sir Alfred H. Wise, Frederick
Terrell, George (Wilts, Chippenham) Wason, John Cathcart Wood, Hon. Edward F. L. (Ripon)
Terrell, Captain R. (Oxford, Henley) Watson, Captain John Bertrand Wood, Sir H. K. (Woolwich, West)
Thomas, Sir Robert J. (Wrexham) White, Lieut.-Col. G. D. (Southport) Woolcock, William James U.
Thomson, F. C. (Aberdeen, South) Whitla, Sir William Worthlngton-Evans, Rt. Hon. Sir L.
Thomson, Sir W. Mitchell- (Maryhill) Wigan, Brig.-Gen. John Tyson Yate, Colonel Charles Edward
Tickler, Thomas George Williams, Lt.-Com. C. (Tavistock) Yeo, Sir Alfred William
Tryon, Major George Clement Williamson, Rt. Hon. Sir Archibald Young, Lieut.-Com. E. H. (Norwich)
Vickers, Douglas Wilson, Capt. A. S. (Holderness) Young, Sir Frederick W. (Swindon)
Ward-Jackson, Major C. L. Wilson, Daniel M. (Down, West) Younger, Sir George
Ward, Col. L. (Kingston-upon-Hull) Wilson, Colonel Leslie O. (Reading)
Waring, Major Walter Wilson-Fox, Henry TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Lord E. Talbot and Captain Guest
Division No. 325.] AYES. [4.10 p.m
Adair, Rear-Admiral Thomas B. S. Gange, E. Stanley M'Micking, Major Gilbert
Addison, Rt. Hon. Dr. C. Ganzonl, Captain Francis John C. Macnamara, Rt. Hon. Dr. T. J.
Agg-Gardner, Sir Janes Tynte Gardiner, James McNeill, Ronald (Kent, Canterbury)
Archdale, Edward Mervyn Geddes, Rt. Hon. Sir E. (Camb'dge) Macpherson, Rt. Hon. James I.
Bagley, Captain E. Asliton Gibbs, Colonel George Abraham Malone, Major P. B. (Tottenham, S.)
Baird, Sir John Lawrence Gilmour Lieut.-Colonel John Manville, Edward
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Glyn, Major Ralph Marks, Sir George Croydon
Balfour, George (Hampstead) Goff, Sir R. Park Marriott, John Arthur Ransome
Barlow, Sir Montague Goulding, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward A. Moles, Thomas
Barnes, Rt. Hon. G. (Glas., Gorbals) Green, Joseph F. (Leicester, W.) Molson, Major John Elsdale
Barnett, Major R. W. Greene, Lt.-Col. Sir W. (Hack'y, N.) Mond, Rt. Hon. Sir Alfred M.
Barnston, Major Harry Greenwood, Colonel Sir Hamar Moore, Major-General Sir Newton J.
Barrie, Charles Coupar Gregory, Holman Mobre-Brabazon, Lieut.-Col. J. T. C.
Barrie, Rt. Hon. H. T. (Lon'derry, N.) Greig, Colonel James William Morison, Rt. Hon. Thomas Brash
Beauchamp, Sir Edward Gritten, W. G. Howard Morris, Richard
Benn, Sir A. S. (Plymouth, Drake) Guinness, Lieut.-Col. Hon. W. E. Munro, Rt. Hon. Robert
Bennett, Thomas Jewell Gwynne, Rupert S. Neal, Arthur
Betterton, Henry B. Hacking, Captain Douglas H. Newman, Colonel J. R. p. (Finchley)
Birchall, Major J. Dearman Hall, Lieut.-Col. Sir F. (Dulwich) Newman, Sir R. H. S. D. L. (Exeter)
Bird, Sir A. (Wolverhampton, West) Hambro, Captain Angus Valdemar Nicholl, Commander Sir Edward
Blades, Capt. Sir George Rowland Hamilton, Major C. G. C. Nicholson, William G. (Petersfield)
Blair, Reginald Hanna, George Boyle Nield, Sir Herbert
Blake, Sir Francis Douglas Harmsworth, C. B. (Bedford, Luton) Norman, Major Rt. Hon. Sir Henry
Borwick, Major G. O. Harris, Sir Henry Percy O'Neill, Major Hon. Robert W. H.
Boscawen, Rt. Hon. Sir A. Griffith. Henry, Denis S. (Londonderry, S.) Ormsby-Gore, Captain Hon. W.
Bowyer, Captain G. E. W. Herbert, Dennis (Hertford, Watford) Palmer, Brigadier-General G. L.
Breese, Major Charles E. Hewart,. Rt. Hon. Sir Gordon Parker, James
Bridgeman, William Clive Higham, Charles Frederick Parry, Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Henry
Brittain, Sir Harry Hills, Major John Waller Pease, Rt. Hon. Herbert Pike
Brown, T. W. (Down, North) Hinds, John Peel, Col. Hon. S. (Uxbridge, Mddx.)
Buchanan, Lieut.-Colonel A. L. H. Hoare, Lieut.-Colonel Sir S. J. G. Percy, Charles
Buckley, Lieut.-Colonel A. Holbrook, Sir Arthur Richard Perring, William George
Bull, Rt. Hon. Sir William James Hopkins, John W. W. Philipps, Sir Owen C. (Chester, City)
Burn, Col. C. R. (Devon, Torquay) Hopkinson, A. (Lancaster, Mossley) Pilditch, Sir Philip
Burn, T. H. (Belfast, St. Anne's) Howard, Major S. G. Pownall, Lieut.-Colonel Assheton
Butcher, Sir John George Hume-Williams, Sir W. Ellis Pratt, John William
Carr, W. Theodore Hunter, General Sir A. (Lancaster) Pulley, Charles Thornton
Carson, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward H. Hurd, Percy A. Purchase, H. G.
Cecil, Rt. Hon. Lord H. (Ox. Univ.) Hurst, Lieut.-Colonel Gerald B. Raeburn, Sir William H.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. J. A.(Birm., W.) Illingworth, Rt. Hon. A. H. Randles, Sir John S.
Child, Brigadier-General Sir Hill Inskip, Thomas Walker H. Raper, A. Baldwin
Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Jackson, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. F. S. Rawlinson, John Frederick Peel
Clay, Lieut.-Colonel H. H. Spender James, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. Cuthbert Rees, Capt. J. Tudor- (Barnstaple)
Clough, Robert Jephcott, A. R. Reid, D. D.
Coats, Sir Stuart Jesson, C. Remnant, Sir James
Cockerill, Brigadler-General G. K. Jodrell, Neville Paul Richardson, Alexander (Gravesend)
Colfox, Major Wm. Phillips Jones, J. T. (Carmarthen, Llanelly) Roberts, Sir S. (Sheffield, Ecclesall)
Collins, Sir G. P. (Greenock) Jones, William Kennedy (Hornsey) Rothschild, Lionel de
Colvin, Brig.-General Richard Beale Joynson-Hicks, Sir William Roundell, Colonel R. F.
Cowan, D. M. (Scottish Universities) Kellaway, Rt. Hon. Fredk. George Samuel, A. M. (Surrey, Farnham)
Cowan, Sir H. (Aberdeen and Kinc.) King, Captain Henry Douglas Samuel, Rt. Hon. Sir H. (Norwood)
Craig, Captain C. C. (Antrim, South) Kinloch-Cooke, Sir Clement Sanders, Colonel Sir Robert A.
Craig, Colonel Sir J. (Down, Mid) Law, Rt. Hon. A. B. (Glasgow, C.) Sassoon, Sir Philip Albert Gustave D.
Craik, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Lewis, T. A. (Glam., Pontypridd) Scott, A. M. (Glasgow, Bridgeton)
Curzon, Commander Viscount Lindsay, William Arthur Scott, Leslie (Liverpool Exchange)
Davies, M. Vaughan- (Cardigan) Lloyd, George Butler Scott, Sir Samuel (St. Marylebone)
Denison-Pender. John C. Lloyd-Greame, Major Sir P. Seddon, J. A.
Denniss, Edmund R. B. (Oldham) Locker-Lampson, G. (Wood Green) Shaw, Hon. Alex. (Kilmarnock)
Dixon, Captain Herbert Locker-Lampson, Com. O. (H'tingd'n) Shaw, William T. (Forfar)
Dockrell, Sir Maurice Lonsdale, James Rolston Shortt, Rt. Hon E. (N'castle-on-T.)
Donald, Thompson Lorden, John William Simm, M. T.
Doyle, N. Grattan Lowe, Sir Francis William Sprot, Colonel Sir Alexander
Duncannon, Viscount Lyle, C. E. Leonard Starkey, Captain John R.
Edwards, Major J. (Aberavon) Lynn, R. J. Steel, Major S. Strang
Falle, Major Sir Bertram G. M'Donald, Dr. Bouverle F. P. Stewart, Gershom
Fell, Sir Arthur Macdonald, Rt. Hon. John Murray Sturrock, J. Leng
Fisher, Rt. Hon. Herbert A. Mackinder, Sir H. J. (Camlachie) Sugden, W. H.
Ford, Patrick Johnston M'Lean, Lieut.-Col. Charles W. W. Surtees, Brigadier-General H. C.
Frece, Sir Walter de Macmaster, Donald Sutherland, Sir William
Acland, Rt. Hon. F. D. Guest, J. (York, W. R., Hemsworth) Sexton, James
Adamson, Rt. Hon. William Hartshorn, Vernon Short, Alfred (Wednesbury)
Asquith, Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry Henderson, Rt. Hon. A. (Widnes) Sitch, Charles H.
Barnes, Major H. (Newcastle, E.) Hogge, James Myles Smith, W. R. (Wellingborough)
Brace, Rt. Hon. William Jones, J. J. (West Ham, Silvertown) Swan, J. E.
Briant, Frank Kenworthy, Lieut.-Commander J. M. Thomas, Rt. Hon. James H. (Derby)
Cape, Thomas Kenyon, Barnet Thorne, W. (West Ham, Plaistow)
Casey, T. W. Klley, James D. Ward, Col. J. (Stoke-upon-Trent)
Clynes, Rt. Hon. J. R. Lambert, Rt. Hon. George Waterson, A. E.
Crooks, Rt. Hon. William Lawson, John J. Wignall, James
Dawes, James Arthur Lunn, William Williams, Aneurin (Durham, Consett)
Devlin, Joseph Maclean, Rt. Hon. Sir D. (Midlothian) Williams, Col. P. (Middlesbrough, E.)
Edwards, C. (Monmouth, Bedwellty) Mills, John Edmund Wintringham, T.
Edwards, G. (Norfolk, South) Morgan, Major D. Watts Wood, Major M. M. (Aberdeen, C.)
Entwistle, Major C. F. Murray, Dr. D. (Inverness and Ross) Young, Robert (Lancaster, Newton)
Galbraith, Samuel Newbould, Alfred Ernest
Glanville, Harold James O'Connor, Thomas P. TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Graham, W. (Edinburgh, Central) Rose, Frank H. Mr. T. Griffiths and Mr. G. Thorne
Grundy, T. W. Royce, William Stapleton