HC Deb 29 November 1920 vol 135 c910
97. Major EDWARDS

asked the hon. Member for Cheltenham, as Chairman of the Kitchen and Refreshment Rooms Committee, the number of men and of women employed by his committee, whole or part time, in August, 1914, and at the present time, respectively; and how many of these are ex-service men?


In August, 1914, there were 69 men, 18 women and 10 boys, together with 53 men (part time) in the employ of the Kitchen Committee. The numbers now are: 53 men, 57 women and 5 boys, with 21 men and 20 women (part time). Of these men 45 are ex-service men, while of the women the majority have been engaged for the last five years, and many are required for household work as well as for waiting.


May I ask the hon. Member if his conscience, is now quite clear that he and his committee have done their duty by the ex-service men?


Yes, Sir; my conscience is quite clear.

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