HC Deb 25 November 1920 vol 135 cc627-8

(by Private Notice) asked the Chief Secretary whether, as at the first meeting of the inquiry into the killing of 13 people and the wounding of many more at Croke Park on Sunday, the inquiry is to continue to be a purely military one; and whether, as on the first day of the inquiry, the proceedings will not be open; and will the representatives of the Lord Mayor and Corporation of Dublin continue to be excluded; whether the rumors is true that two men called Frank Flynn and Edmond Carmody were shot by uniformed forces near Castlereagh on Monday night; and whether a boy named Thomas Lynes was shot dead at Knapagh by forces of the Crown passing in a motor lorry?


I received notice of this question only at 12.20 today, and I at once telegraphed to Dublin. I regret to say that I have not yet received any reply. With reference to the first part of the question the court of inquiry will be opened or closed according to the judgment of the court itself.


The criminals!


When the hon. Member calls officers of the British Army "criminals" I do not think he will carry many hon. Members with him in this House. It is because of the publicity and knowledge of the personnel of some of these courts that several courts-martial officers were murdered on Sunday last.