HC Deb 25 November 1920 vol 135 cc641-2

May I ask the Leader of the House how far it is proposed to go with the Order Paper to-day, if the Agricultural Bill be disposed of in a reasonable time; secondly, what will be the business to-morrow; and, finally, what business the Government are going to take next week?


May I ask whether, having regard to the fact that by long practice in this House Irish questions have been taken first on Thursdays, and that to-day, as a result of the grouping of questions, only a few of the Irish questions on the Paper were reached, the right hon. Gentleman will confer with the Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury (Lord Edmund Talbot) as to the possibility of making arrangements by which Irish questions will obtain precedence on at least one day a week?


We have made arrangements for the Irish questions to have a fair amount of time, but I think the hon. Member will appreciate that they were precluded from being reached by the number of supplementary questions put by hon. Members. In answer to my right hon. Friend (Mr. Acland) I have to say that to-night we shall take only Orders 2 and 3—Isle of Man (Customs) Bill and the Public Works Loans Bill— if there be time for them.

To-morrow the Business will be—

On Monday the Business will be—

and further stages of Bills taken tomorrow.

On Tuesday we will take the Teinds Bill, and further stages of Bills not completed on Monday.

On Wednesday the Business will be Supplementary Estimates, and on Thursday, subject to the conclusion of the Business commenced on Monday, we propose to take the Debate on the question of Expenditure, in which I understand a large section of hon. Members are anxious to take part.


What Supplementary Estimates are likely to be taken?


The House Building, the Mines Department, the Mercantile Marine, Public Education (Ireland), Colonial Services, and National Health Insurance Commission (Ireland). I do not think we shall get beyond that.


May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether, having regard to the grave matter of unemployment of ex-soldiers and officers, he will give this House an early opportunity of debating the action of the Trades Unions on the question of Dilution?


Put it down for tomorrow.