HC Deb 23 November 1920 vol 135 cc282-3

The Ampendments in the second column of the First Schedule to this Act (which relate to minor details) shall be made in the provisions of the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1908, specified in the first column of that Schedule.

Lieut.-Colonel MURRAY

I beg to move, at the end of the Clause, to insert the words Sub-section (a).—(2) Compensation shall be payable in respect of any of the improvements specified in the Amendments referred to in the preceding Sub-section, whether these improvements have been executed before or after the commencement of this Act. The right hon. Gentleman may say that this makes the Act retrospective, but if it is right that compensation should be paid in respect of the items which it is now proposed to add to the Schedule of the Act of 1908, surely it is also right that such compensation should be paid whether those improvements were executed before or after the passing of this Act.

Major M. WOOD

I beg to second the Amendment.


I am afraid that I must give the answer which the hon. and gallant Member expected. It does make the Act retrospective. It may be that in the past we have left undone things which we ought to have done, but now we are endeavouring to do the things which we ought to have done. It is, however, quite impossible to go back and say that all these things are to be brought forward. I am afraid that the answer which my hon. and gallant Friend has already given is the answer on which I shall have to rely.


I think that we ought to give the Solicitor-General the opportunity to make atonement for the past, and to do what we consider would be fair justice to the tenants in these cases. I hope that the word "atonement" will appeal to him, and that he will do something for us.

Amendment negatived.