HC Deb 04 November 1920 vol 134 c541

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland how many soldiers and policemen were killed and how many were wounded in Ireland during the month of October; and how many persons have been arrested and brought to trial in connection with such offences?

20. Mr. MOSLEY

asked how many members of the police and military forces stationed in Ireland were murdered between the dates 1st October and 1st November inclusive; how many persons were arrested during that period and charged with these murders; how many were convicted; and how many executed?

The CHIEF SECRETARY for IRELAND (Lieut.-Colonel Sir Hamar Greenwood)

The number of policemen murdered during the month of October was 22, including one district inspector, an ex-officer of the Army, and the number wounded 28. The number of soldiers killed was 14, including seven officers, and the number wounded 30, including three officers. Particulars of the number of arrests for this particular class of crime during the month are not yet available, but the total number of civilians brought to trial by court-martial during the month was 223, of which 167 were convicted of offences connected in varying degree with attacks on the forces of the Crown, and 17 persons who were convicted of direct complicity in such attacks have received sentences ranging from 10 years' penal servitude to two years' imprisonment with hard labour. In one case there was a conviction for murder, and sentence of death was imposed and executed.

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