HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 cc2086-7
23. Viscount CURZON

asked the Minister of Labour which of the borough councils in London are not as yet on the King's Roll; and will he state what replies he has had to representations made to them upon the subject?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Dr. Macnamara)

As a result of questions on Wednesday last, I have personally addressed the five mayors whose councils are not on the Roll requesting them individually to bring the matter before their respective councils as early as possible, and pointing out the very great desirability of completing the record of the Metropolitan Borough Councils with regard to the National Scheme. Three of the mayors have written saying they will bring the question before their Councils as early as possible, and I am in further communication with a fourth. Perhaps my hon. and gallant Friend will repeat his question this day week?

Viscount CURZON

Is the right hon. Gentleman in a position to give the names?


Yes As I pointed out, I have the names before me, but it may very well be—and in one case I know that it is the fact—that they are employing more than is required, but I do not want to publish the names until I have exhausted all other means. Perhaps my Noble Friend will put down a question next week?


Is there any reason why the right hon. Gentleman should not give the names of those borough councils which are on the King's Roll?


That would not be a bad plan.


Will the right hon. Gentleman do it?



24. Mr. DONALD

asked the Minister of Labour whether any representation has been made to any of the local authorities or firms in Ulster regarding the King's Roll of Honour and the employment of ex-service men?


Representations by letter and by personal canvas have been made to a considerable number of local authorities and firms in Ulster, and the results so far reported show that undertakings to employ the requisite percentage of disabled ex-service men have been completed in 32 cases, which include the Belfast Corporation.


Has the right hon. Gentleman received a statement by the Lord Mayor of Belfast that out of a total of 5151 employés in the service of the corporation 1625 are ex-service men, and in the circumstances is not the Belfast City Council entitled to be on the King's Roll of Honour, and will the right hon. Gentleman be willing to co-operate with hon. Members from Ulster in expediting the employment of ex-service men?


I am very glad to hear those figures. I think that the Belfast Corporation is already on the Roll. I will certainly co-operate with anybody willing to get ex-service men employment.