HC Deb 07 December 1920 vol 135 cc1925-6

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had added the following Ten Members to Standing Committee A (in respect of the Defence of the Realm Acquisition of Land) Bill [Lords]): Sir Frederick Banbury, Mr. James Bell, Captain Fitz-Roy, Captain Hotchkin, Sir Donald Maclean, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Murray, Lieut.-Colonel Royds, Mr. Spencer, Lieut. Colonel Sir Rhys Williams, and Sir Archibald Williamson.

Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS further reported from the Committee; That they had discharged the following Members from Standing Committee A: Mr. Briant, Sir Henry Craik, Lieut.-Colonel Fremantle, Mr. Gwynne, Mr. Austin Hopkinson, Mr. Lorden, Mr. Ormsby-Gore, Colonel Lambert Ward, and Mr. Aneurin Williams; and had appointed in substitution: Colonel Burdon, Major Cope, Mr. Greer, Major Hills, Mr. Haydn Jones, Mr. Kenyon, Mr. Lynn, Brigadier-General Surtees, and Mr. Newbould.