HC Deb 30 October 1912 vol 43 cc455-6
83 and 84. Mr. FELL

asked (1) if only one-fifth of the consumptives in this country will be entitled to sanatorium, or any other benefits under the National Insurance Act; and (2) if the Secretary to the Treasury can give any estimate of the amount of the charges which will fall on the local authorities in respect of the consumptives who will not be entitled to benefits under the National Insurance Act, but who will have to be placed in sanatoria by the local authorities under another Act?


Only insured persons or dependants of such persons can be treated at the expense of the National Insurance Fund. The number of these will bear a continually increasing proportion to the total number of consumptives, and it is probable that they will ultimately form a large majority of the consumptive persons in this country. The Insurance Act also contains provisions whereby sanatoria and other institutions for the treatment of tuberculosis may be made available for non-insured persons. I am unable, however, at present to give an estimate of the cost of the treatment of the consumptives who are not insured persons or dependants of insured persons.


Did the right hon. Gentleman not state that not more than one-fifth would come under the Act?


I should not think that more than one-fifth of the people at present suffering from consumption are employed persons.