HC Deb 10 May 1872 vol 211 cc607-8

I wish, Sir, to ask my right hon. Friend, the Prime Minister a Question of which I have had no opportunity of giving previous Notice. I have understood that it is intended to make some communication to this House on Monday next with reference to the progress of the negotiations with the United States of America. The Question I wish to ask is, Whether the Papers which are expected to be laid upon the Table of the House, bearing upon the question, will be in the hands of Members before Monday, or on Monday, the day when it is expected the communication will be made?


Sir, we do not purpose laying any Papers on the Table before Monday, nor can we say whether it will be expedient that Papers should be presented then or not. We will, however, endeavour, for all practical purposes, to place the House in exact possession of the actual state of the negotiations.


I thought, Sir, I understood the other day, that the position of this House with regard to these negotiations would be exactly the same as the position of the House of Lords, and that it would be afforded an opportunity for discussion, in case it should desire to consider the matter.


My right hon. Friend is perfectly correct in his assumption.

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